Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Our Class Speeches

Here are photos of the children giving their speeches to the class.  Well done children.  You were all well prepared and spoke well.


Our Garden

We have a garden outside our classroom.  The children all take turns at planting, weeding and watering our garden.

Sunflower Art

We looked at a famous painting of Sunflowers.  We looked carefully at some sunflowers that we had in our classroom and then we sketched them.  Next we painted and coloured our pictures with crayons.
Here are our pictures of sunflowers.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fireworks Writing

Boom! Crash! Bang!
Fireworks can be very annoying when you are trying to get to sleep. They are just like the blazing hot sun.  They sound like an egg cracking.  They look like glittery hot light bulbs flying in the sky and exploding with laughter.  Zing! Crash! Boom!
By Asher


Fireworks boom out of the sky like popcorn bursting out of the machine.  Pop, Pop, Pop!  Sparkly and glittery, I want to light more.  The dog is in the shed and my brother is hugging mum.
By Hannah


At night I can hear the bang and crack of Fireworks.  It sounds like thunder.
By Cobie

I like the fireworks because it was banging on my house.  I like to go to sleep listening to the banging.  It sounded like a big balloon popping.
By Bianca


Bang, whiz, pop on Fireworks night.  I am sleeping in Leah’s room.  The fireworks sound like a gun shooting.  They are colourful and they light up the dark, spooky night sky.  I love Fireworks.
By Ammon

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Our Garden Stall at the School Gala

We have been busy planting seeds and re potting our little plants ready for our school gala.
We grew plants in our classroom.

We grew lots of pumpkin plants from seed.

Mrs Gunn's mother helped us re pot our plants.

We painted rocks to look like
Most of the children bought their own ladybug.


Our Class Speeches

Over the last few weeks the children have been busy preparing their class speeches.  The chose from a topic that interested them.  Many children had notes ready and some had pictures, drawings and objects to show.  The children really enjoyed listening to each one another. 
There was a wide variety of topics.
Ammon talked about dinosaurs.
Isabella spoke about Leggo.
Asher made a rocket and told us lots about space.
Kyle spoke about Minecraft.
Toby's speech was on Soccer.
Ethan talked about Skylanders.
Jordyn told us lots about Samoa.
Kyla showed us photos and talked about Charlie and Buddy the pony.
Emma Jayne talked about Diwali and handed out Diwali treats.
Jisita spoke about the work Doctors do.
Mele talked about planting a Christmas Lily and showed us photos.
Hannah talked about Mimecraft.
Bianca spoke about Butterflies.
Mia talked about Leopards and showed us pictures.
Keanna showed us lots of drawings that she had done.
Myschief talked about a kitten
Richards spoke about Dogs
Jordan talked about Halloween
Cobie had lots of photos of all his animals to show us and talk about.
Kaleiah's speech was about dreams.
Molika's speech was on rainbows.
Leighton talked about weapons.
Here are photos of some of the children speaking.




Emma Jayne